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Double moniteur LCD 8″ HD


Video monitoring is needed everywhere in a facility. SmartView Duo provides two completely independent and beautiful 8 inch LCD screens in a 3RU rack housing less than an inch thick. SmartView HD provides an amazing 17″ LCD screen in a 6RU rack housing less than an inch thick.

UGS : Blackmagic Smartview Duo Catégorie : Étiquette :


SmartView Duo features two monitors with 8″ LCD screens, 2 SDI inputs, 2 reclocked SDI loop-through outputs, 2 Ethernet ports, tally connector, USB 2.0 connector and configuration software for Mac OS X and Windows.
The simultaneous display of different video formats is supported on the two, independent monitors.
SmartView Duo is 3 RU (rack units) high and less than an inch deep.

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