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Prompteur Ipad avec télécommande HF


The Datavideo Prompter Kit, TP-600, can be used in either a theatre setting, or a video studio.

UGS : Data Vidéo TP-600 Catégorie : Étiquette :


• Simple software and remote allow users to
produce professional results at low cost.
• Special 60/40 Glass allows the presenter to read
the script and the camera to see the subject.
• Strong and rigid prompter frame fixes securely to
any standard tripod quick release plate.
• The prompter frame is designed to allow in front of
camera lens prompting.
• The black camera snood/hood is adjustable to
adapt for a wide variety of cameras.
• Quick and simple assembly that requires no
special tooling.
• Expandable mounting bracket system allows
simple but secure installation of tablet.
• An optional remote control is available.

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